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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Studs Terkel & Bob Edwards

There are national monuments such as Mount Rushmore, the Statute of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial. Then there are monuments mainfested in living, breathing persons. Two of my favorites spoke together not long ago.

Radio host Bob Edwards interviewed the great Studs Terkel at Politics and Prose in Washington. The interview can be seen on C-SPAN's website - Go to "American Perspectives" and scroll to the April 8 program. The Studs-Bob interview starts approximately one hour 45 minutes into the three hour program. By the way, also in this program can be found an enlightening appearance at the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum by former Vice President Walter Mondale. It is interesting to get his take on what's going on in Washington and the world these days. Together from Mondale and Studs you get a unique perspective that actually ties the dots from where we have been to where we are (and where we should be).

Worth the effort.

See the program at


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