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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Heard on the Radio: Hands across the U.S.-Mexican Border

Contrary to most news reports, the border between the United States border with Mexico is still open. Harder to get in, yes, but the border remains open.

A "Hidden America" segment on XM Radio's "Left Jab" welcomed Michael Puckett and Margal Vickers of Brownsville. They both spoke of this year's 70th anniversary for the Charro Days celebration, a cross-border celebration that features a parade that crosses the border. Mr. Vickers was at the first festival back in 1938, and he shared those days with us.

Margal Vickers then went on to become mayor of Brownsville and an advocate of good neighbors across the borders. He also described how relations over their years have had their ups and downs.

The complete radio interview can be heard"live" Sunday March 4 at XM Public Radio's Channel 133 (8 a.m. est) with a "re-broadcast" Sunday night (11 pm pst). You can also hear the interview by going to the podcast highlights at


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