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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Podcast Posting: A Journey into Hockey: Greatest Jerseys of All Time

Dark at home – white on the road ? Or white at home and dark on the road ? Third jerseys ?

What do you favor ?

These are but a few of the regular discussions of hockey fans these days when it comes to hockeys jerseys.

Actually, the traditional term in Canada is that of hockey sweater. But to appeal to its readership in the States, the Hockey News creating a “Collector’s Edition” publication called “Greatest Hockey Jerseys of All Time”.

It’s a great work. Its contents range from a history of the sweater (starting with the Montreal Wanderers, circa 1903-18), to other leagues, long lost teams, Olympics and more.

In this Journey into Hockey, we speak with Brian Costello, Senior Editor for the project, about the publication and the story of the hockey jersey (sweater).



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