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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Podcast Posting: A Journey into Hockey: Farewell to Pittsburgh’s Igloo

Starting next season, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be moiving into one of those new state of the art arenas.

Though the club and fans alikes eem to be lookig forward to the move, this also means the end of the place affectionately known as “The Igloo”.

Now called the Mellon Arena, it was for a longtime known as the Civic Auditorium and Civic Arena. The building was constructed in 1961 for use by the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera.

Over the years, The Igloo has hosted multiple concerts, as well as hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, wrestling, and soccer matches.

Of course, it is best known as home to the Penguins.

Interestingly, the Arena was the world’s first major indoor sports stadium with a retractable roof.

In this Journey into Hockey, we speak with journalist and Pittsburgh Hockey historian Jim Kubus about the Igloo and what it has meant to folks in Pittsburgh.



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