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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Podcast Posting: A Journey into Hockey - The Pursuit of Hockeyness

These days, it is popular to develope lists of “must do” lists of activities befor one days.

The world of hockey is no exception.

The Pursuit of Hockeyness (Hockey News – Tarnscontinental Books) is a must-do checklist of “everything” hockey fans need to accomplish in their lifetime. There are 99 featured suggestions, each accompanied by a full-colour photo, ranging from interesting places to visit to unique events that have to be experienced to be believed to the colourful people and players that make hockey the game we so love. Items on the list run the gamut of serious, funny, obscure and compelling; and, every NHL team as well as just about every major hockey leagues in North America (and most in Europe, too) is covered.

The Pursuit of Hockeyness celebrates all things hockey by offering fans a compendium of people, places and events that should be seen and/or experienced before the final buzzer sounds (if you know what we mean).

In this Journey into Hockey we speak with project editor Sam McCaig about the book, how the list was made and some of its most compelling activities that hockey fans should experience before they die.



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